Tuesday, 1 December 2009

From haiku published in BLITHE SPIRIT (British Haiku Society)

overhead whistling
quietly the gap
in a rook's wing

until the apple
blossoms the lichen
on next door's roof

in its grave
gently stroking the hare's fur
november winds

city heat
from the grassed reservoir
a twister of hay

paper bark birches
she lets each page
flutter down

dusk freezes
by the old bridge
caught in weeds
the waning moon

overnight snow
circling the house
each pause of the hare

evening mist
gunshots echo
through dead elms

full moon
barn owl's face
every quarter

beach hut washed
away by the cliff
china neatly stacked

snow outside
drifting inside
fragrance of jonquils

back of the drawer
wild barley seeds
in last summer's socks


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