Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Haiku and drawings from 'On The Journey Home'

on the journey home
thunder, sitting in silence
letting dust settle

village graveyard--full
of daisies,dandelion clocks
and dying light

hole for the tree
my hand
stirring her ashes

in goal
his mother dodges
away from the ball

tending the path
to the gate,beyond
ruts heading downhill

sea side graveyard
still enough space
to store a boat

bookshop,filed under
motorbikes a volume
on cycladic art

playground empty
but for wind
playing with sparrows

winter's afternoon
making love
the boiler comes on

an urgent call
to wash my hands
of the garden

waiting for news
with me,on the settee
her drop of blood

to travel silent
as the morning hare
on the gravel road

between each
foxglove,a gap
in buzzing

dawn wind
air jangles
with birds

his funeral suit
in a turn up
the wardrobe key

on fennel
gathering mist,shells
of transparent snails

porch bell silent
its clanger gently
strikes the wind

white plum blossom feels
the pulse of the moon


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